HPC Clusters

MSI's High Performance Computing (HPC) systems are designed with high speed networks, high performance storage, GPUs, and large amounts of memory in order to support some of the most compute and memory intensive programs developed today.



Interactive HPC

Interactive HPC resources allow real-time user inputs in order to facilitate code development, real-time data exploration, and visualizations. The interactive resources are composed of some of the same systems used to support our batch scheduled HPC activities.


Data Storage

MSI's High Performance Storage fulfills the storage need for much of the computational research done at MSI. MSI also provides users access to Second Tier Storage for supporting new workflows and inactive data parking, as well as Archive Tier Storage for long-term, archival storage of large datasets.

Portals and Databases

As part of MSI's mission to advance research at the University of Minnesota, MSI hosts and maintains portals to various data analysis software. MSI will also develop and host portals and databases specific to research projects supported by MSI consultants.



MSI staff provides consulting services for project planning, data analysis, data management, pipeline or application development, tutorials and workshops, and much more. 


Service Catalog

A detailed list of descriptions and prices for all the services MSI provides can be found in our Service Catalog.


Specialized Hardware

See some of the unique hardware offerings available at MSI.


Dedicated Computing

Dedicated computing options are available for purchase when an MSI allocation is not enough to meet your computational needs. Multiple service configurations are available for a one-time fee. 

Computer & Visualization Labs

MSI has two computational laboratories available to users for their computation and visualization work.

Past Collaborations

MSI bioinformatics analysts develop Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis...
MSI staff members worked with MSI PIs Michael McCartney (Minnesota Aquatic...

Our Experts

         Experienced MSI staff are here to help