Helpdesk video consultations


The MSI helpdesk is available for one-on-one video chat consultations through the University of Minnesota's provided Zoom service. Consultations are available with staff groups upon request. Below are brief areas that each staff group can best assist with and should be used to decide which group is ideal to coordinate a meeting with.


Requesting a Consultation

Send an email to the MSI helpdesk( and in the subject line include the three-letter acronym (if appropriate, see below) of the staff group you would like to coordinate a meeting with. Please provide a description of any existing issues that should be covered so that staff has time to make an assessment beforehand. Also, include your current availability that staff can use to align a time that works best for both parties.


Once staff has received the request they will follow up with a proposed time and invitation link.



- Connecting to MSI resources from your local machine

- Access to software modules that requires permission

- SLURM batch script troubleshooting

- Data transfer assistance between MSI storage and local storage (e.g. Tier2, Globus, Snapshot)

Research Informatics and Computing (RI-IC)

- High-level job and software troubleshooting

- HPC Optimization

- Jupyter Notebooks

- Software update for an existing module

- R parallelization


Research Bioinformatics

- RNA sequencing assistance

- CHURP framework

- Life sciences software

- RIS specific software packages



NOTE:  Due to the time commitments of the helpdesk and staff please allow a minimum of 24 hour lead time between making the request and your proposed times you are available.