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Introduction to Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI)

This tutorial is geared to new MSI users and will provide a highlevel introduction to the facilities and computational resources at MSI.

Introduction to Linux

This tutorial will provide an introduction to the Linux operating system, with particular attention paid to working from the command line.

Job Submission and Scheduling at MSI

This tutorial will introduce users to MSI supercomputers, and provide an overview of how to submit calculations to the job schedulers

Intro to Single-cell Genomics

This tutorial is a lecture that covers basic experimental design principles as they pertain to single cell genomics.

Interactive Computing at MSI

This tutorial will introduce you to the concept of interactive high performance computing and an overview of the interactive HPC services MSI supports, with particular focus on the OnDemand portal as well as the interactive features of the Slurm scheduling system

Programming with Python

Introduction to fundamentals of programming using the Python language.

Advanced Python

This session includes efficient data processing with NumPy and Scipy, data visualization, and techniques for using Python to drive parallel supercomputing tasks.

Data Storage Systems and Data Analysis Workflows for Research

In this tutorial you will learn about the data storage systems available for academic research at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute and the University of Minnesota.

Parallel Computing On Agate

This tutorial will help users learn about the Agate cluster resources. We will present examples that use SLURM job arrays, as well as the main two ways to run parallel programs: thread parallel (with OpenMP), and MPI parallel jobs.

Software Installation and Management at MSI

This workshop will examine strategies for creating durable, maintainable, and reproducible software environments that will stay out of the way of your research or creative workflows.

Introduction to Compiling and Profiling at MSI

This tutorial will help users learn the basics of compiling and debugging their code on MSI systems.

Reproducible Computational Environments Using Containers: Introduction to Singularity/Apptainer

This tutorial will help users understand the use-cases for Singularity at MSI, and learn to use Singularity containers to run commands, to use Docker images with Singularity, and to build your own Singularity images.

RNA-Seq Analysis

This tutorial covers the process of handling bulk RNA-seq data with command line tools.

Intro to Pathway Analysis

This tutorial covers the basics of pathway enrichment analysis and related techniques.

RNA Seq Analysis @ UMN Duluth

(UMN Duluth on site session), The RNA-Seq analysis tutorials includes a lecture and a hands-on guided tutorial

Single Cell Genomics and its application in Neuroscience research

This tutorial is a lecture that covers basic principles as they pertain to single cell genomics. We will cover basic experimental design and data quality control for analyzing single cell data, followed by new developments in sequencing technologies, such as single nucleus sequencing, Patch sequencing, spatial genomics and so on. The material will also cover how these new technologies could contribute to new discoveries in Neuroscience researches.

Intro to Single-cell Genomics (Duluth - SMed 142)

This tutorial is a lecture that covers basic experimental design principles as they pertain to single cell genomics. We will cover common technological platforms for collecting single cell data, basic experimental design, data quality control, and overviews of common software tools used for analyzing single cell data. The material will cover some of the common applications of single cell data and compare them to bulk data. The main applications will be for single cell RNAseq, but the principles would be appropriate to other types single cell genomics data, as well.