Professor Bharat Thyagarajan

Project Title: 
Aging and Cancer

The following projects are using storage available through MSI:

  • Aging Biomarkers: The Health and Retirement Study and Long Life Family Study: This group has been working on a large aging study to measure a wide range of aging biomarkers in 10,500 participants from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). As a part of this study, the researchers have performed 14 color flow cytometry to estimate immunological parameters associated with aging. In addition, they have performed DNA methylation and RNA-Seq assays on 4,000 participants. 
  • Microbial Sequencing Data: The researchers are generating both shortgun metagenomics sequencing and 16s sequencing data for both clinical use and other research cohorts they are involved with. They have completed the clinical validation for the CSF metagenomics project and anticipate going live with the clinical test in early 2024. They are also generating 16s sequencing data on ~5000 samples in the High School and Beyond Study (HSB). 
  • Long-read Sequencing Data: The researchers have used an Oxford nanopore instrument and reagents to sequence 200 genomes at 40X coverage. This data will have both clinical and research applications. They have already sequenced ~150 samples and expect to sequence all 200 genomes by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

Project Investigators

helene barcelo
Lucas Bolender
Matt Bower
Sarah Bray
Aidan Ellison
Zach Flaten
Associate Professor Weihua Guan
Dr. Hillary Handler
Dr. Christy Henzler
Kylene Karnuth
Robyn Kincaid
Todd Knutson
John Lane
Rebecca LaRue
Alex Mathson
Stephen Michel
Dr. Sarah Munro
Dr. Andrew Nelson
Christine O'Connor
Associate Professor Innocent Onsongo
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