Project Title: 
Identification of Genomic Structural Variation in Alpacas

SVs, defined as genomic variants larger than 50 pb, have greater impact on phenotypic diversity than SNPs. The discovery of SVs and the mapping to the alpaca reference genome, will allow researcheers to identify new candidate genes and markers for important traits for the alpaca industry (such as color and type of fiber, fertility and disease resistance). The objectives of this project are:

  • Identify, annotate and characterize structural variation in the alpaca genome
  • Identify new variants and candidate genes for characteristics of biological and productive interest

A relevant result expected from this project is the identification and annotation of tens of thousands of SVs, in a cost effective-way. Additionally, the identification of genes (or blocks of genes) affected by this variation and the biochemical pathways they are involved in, will allow the researchers to progress towards the discovery of the genetic variation underlying phenotypic diversity.

Project Investigators

Melina Anello
Jeremy Chacon
Florencia Di Rocco
Professor Federico Ponce de Len
Professor F Ponce de Leon
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