Dr. Peter Tiffin

CBS Plant/Microbial Biology
College of Biological Sciences
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Rhizobia and Legume Genomics, Coexpression, and Symbiosis

This group is starting a new project that will collect transcriptome data from both bacterial symbionts and plant hosts. The data will come from 30 species of plant hosts (all members of the genus Medicago) and two rhizobia species. The researchers will use the transcriptome data to tests for species-specific expression and to construct two-species coexpression networks. They will analyze the networks to identify genes that are stably connected across all host-species combinations and those that are differentially connected in different hosts of bacteria.

This group's research was featured on the MSI website in July 2019: Evaluating Species Distribution Models.

Project Investigators

Byungwook Choi
Brendan Epstein
Thomas Kono
Dr. Peter Tiffin
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