Professor Vlad Pribiag

Project Title: 
Numerical Calculations of Semiconductor Nanostructure Properties

These researchers are using finite element methods software (COMSOL and MATLAB) as well as tight-binding simulations (KWANT, a python package) to numerically probe and model properties of experimentally fabricated semiconductor nanostructures, such as their capacitance, band structure, and topology. These simulations help the group understand their experimental results both qualitatively and quantitatively, and are especially useful for modeling and understanding the role of disorder in InSb nanowires and InAs 2D electron gas heterostructures. Additionally, the group has DFT experience, and may need to run DFT simulations as they finish a project simulating the interfaces of magnetic materials and semiconductors.

This group collaborates with the group of Professor Paul Crowell for these simulations.

Project Investigators

James Etheridge
Mohit Gupta
Frey Hackbarth
Brett Heischmidt
Alec Nilson
Professor Vlad Pribiag
Colin Riggert
Cole Shank
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