Professor Robert Tranquillo PhD

CSENG Biomedical Engineering
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
CAD of Tissue-Engineered Valves

This group performs numerical simulations (FEA and FSI) of heart valves and vein valves utilizing ANSYS and LS-Dyna. The heart/vein valve simulation is performed by ANSYS and is based on three tasks: structural (solid), fluent (fluid), and system coupling (coupling between solid and fluid). The heart valve and vein valve projects all involve the optimization of valve geometry (leaflet height, area, and curvature) based on the valve's hydrodynamic performance. These projects have high compute and storage requirements, necessitating the use of MSI resources.





Project Investigators

Jirong Li
Professor Robert Tranquillo PhD
Lucas Voce
Eric Yu
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