Dr. Beth Thielen

Project Title: 
Microbiome Influences on Nursery Nasal Environment-Longitudinal Observations of Viral Epidemiology (MINNE-LOVE )

The purpose of this study is to understand how the respiratory microbiota influence the outcome of respiratory viral infections in children. In prior studies, dysbiosis is characterized by changes in the microbiota diversity or a shift in the relative proportions of different organisms. These researchers hypothesize that children with pre-existing dysbiotic nasal microbiota are at increased risk of both symptomatic and asymptomatic respiratory viral infection. To test this hypothesis, the group will establish two cohorts of pre-school age children (< 60 months at time of enrollment) with low and high epidemiologicial exposure for respiratory infection. They will follow both cohorts prospectively for paired analysis of composition and stability of the respiratory microbiota and incident viral respiratory infections.

Project Investigators

Idil Abdi
Dr. Frank Albert
Kristen Bastug
Dr. Charles Billington Jr
Lauren Ecklund
Associate Professor Christopher Faulk
Trevor Gould
Mohammad Javid
Thomas Kono
Alice Lehman
Joanna Ly
Greta Moseng
Bart Theelen
Dr. Beth Thielen
Olivia Toles
Xiong Sean Wang
Vicky Yang
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