Professor Kelvin Lim

Project Title: 
Neural Networks in Brain Disorders

These researchers use fMRI and other MR imaging modalities to examine brain structure, connections, and function in brain disorders. They use this information to measure neural networks in different brain disorders such as depression, addiction, schizophrenia, and epilepsy. In addition, they are interested in how interventions such as medication, transcranial stimulation, and transcranial direct current stimulation alter neural networks.

A recent paper by this group demonstrated our neuromodulation intervention changes brain networks involved in craving and reduces relapse rate in persons with alcohol use disorder. The group has ongoing neuroimaging analyses that are being conducted using MSI resources. These analyses will provide preliminary data for planned NIH grant submissions in 2024.

Research by this group was featured on the MSI website in December 2021: Neuroimaging and Genetic Data Resources.

Project Investigators

Bryan Andrews
Assistant Professor Jazmin Camchong
Professor Kathryn Cullen
Casey Gilmore
Timothy Hendrickson
Hamza Jamal
Rebecca Kazinka
Dr. Erich Kummerfeld
Professor Kelvin Lim
Dr. Bryon Mueller
Eric Rawls
Donovan Roediger
Ghazaleh Soleimani
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