Professor Tim Johnson

Project Title: 
Comparative Bacterial Genomics and Microbiome Analyses in Animal Agriculture

The goals of this research are three-fold:

  • Use comparative bacterial genomics to identify, track, and mitigate multidrug resistance in human and animal pathogens
  • Develop a microbiome-based pipeline for the discovery of live microbial approaches to mimic the effects of antibiotics for sustainable animal agriculture
  • Examine pathogen ecology in response to vaccine pressure

Research by this group was featured on the MSI website in November 2019: Substituting Probiotics for Antibiotics in Poultry.

Project Investigators

Cristian Flores Figueroa
Dawn Foster Hartnett
Patricia Goodman-Mamula PhD
Trevor Gould
Abigail Johnson
Professor Tim Johnson
Elizabeth Miller
Andrea Moreno Switt
Glenda Pinho
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