Professor Joseph Talghader

CSENG Electrical & Computr Eng
College of Science & Engineering
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Optics, Microsystems, and Sensing

This group's major focus is in optical microsystems, with investigation into new spectral sensing techniques, damage-resistant films for high-power laser optics, fundamental microresonator behavior, and new methods of infrared detection and plenoptic imaging. Besides these, the researchers have cross-disciplinary research efforts developing sensing techniques and instrumentation for applications in glaciology and archeology. Most of this work, no matter the discipline, benefits from numerical simulations to address the often-difficult underlying theory; for instance, the group models the behavior of metamaterial optics and subwavelength structures with commercial simulators such as HFSS, and predict the effects of air turbulence on optical resonators using distributed MATLAB simulations.

Project Investigators

John Hunt
Merlin Mah
Professor Joseph Talghader
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