Professor James Anderson

CFANS Agronomy/Plant Genetics
College of Food, Ag & Nat Res Sci
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Breeding and Genetics of Wheat, Intermediate Wheatgrass, and Pennycress

These researchers are mapping genes and doing genomic prediction in spring wheat, intermediate wheatgrass, perrential cereal rye, and field pennycress that control important traits, including disease resistance, seed quality, and morphological traits. Research on two new perennial grain species, perennial wheat and perennial oats, have also begun and data accumulation and analysis on these two new species is expected to commence soonFor all crops, segregated multiple bi-parental populations of 100-200 lines, association mapping panels (several hundred lines, typically 400+), and breeding lines (also several hundred lines ranging from approximately 300 to 3000 depending on crop and research focus) for genomic selection are phenotyped in appropriate environments, and populated with several hundred to several thousand DNA markers to identify DNA markers associated with genes or QTLs affecting the trait or develop genomic selection models. Genotyping-by-sequencing is being used to quickly build linkage maps and identify linkages with causal genes. MSI resources used include mapping and genotyping software as well as statistical software, and storage space for data.

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Project Investigators

Emmanuel Adeyemo
Professor James Anderson
Prabin Bajgain
Charlotte Brault
Emily Conley
Jennifer Flor
Max Fraser
Harsimardeep Gill
Emily Jopp
Rosa Lozano Murcia
Matthew Ott
Susan Reynolds
Hannah Stoll
Zenith Tandukar
Julia Zhang
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