Dr. Pang Hongbo Pang

PHARM Pharmaceutics
College of Pharmacy
Twin Cities
Project Title: 
Macrophage Subtypes With RXRB Expression, and Computation Simulation of Cellular Uptake for Macromolecules

These researchers use MSI access for studying the phenotypes of macrophage subsets which are important in the disease progression, including solid tumors, inflammatory diseases. etc. They have been performing RNA-seq and genome screening for this goal, and are using MSI resources for analysis. They are also using MSI for simulating some lead compounds for therapeutic development. 

Another aspect of this work concerns studying the cellular uptake of macromolecules with simulation. In this project, the researchers are designing a simple system for molecules to interact with cell membrane, and calculate the biophysical changes of the system. 

Project Investigators

Dr. Pang Hongbo Pang
Nianwu Wang
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